HIPAA compliance.

Cassie helps Healthcare Providers become HIPAA compliant and ensure the safe handling of their patients’, clients’, service users’ and volunteers’ data.

With healthcare organisations adapting to modern technology advancements, records have now become digitalized increasing the way protected health information (PHI) is stored, shared, and updated. Despite technology being an aid to accurately simplify administrative functions, there is the ongoing risk that health records and PI can be both intentionally and unintentionally altered, hacked or leaked.

Our consent and preference solution is designed to consolidate siloed databases and systems into a single version of the truth for each data subject with which your organisation engages – providing a holistic view of an individual’s consent and preference history throughout your organisation.

Secure and Auditable Consent Management.

The increasing regulatory footprint, combined with rapid advancements in clinical interoperability has resulted in a whole host of data governance challenges for healthcare providers.

Cassie is architected with Privacy-by-Design at its core, to allow healthcare providers to securely gather granular consents and preferences from their patients and staff, and ensure that only necessary information is being processed and passed downstream to other systems in their digital estate.

Cassie also stores all data transactionally, ensuring that there is a fully auditable record for each consent and preference provided by every data subject.

Delegated Consent and Healthcare Use Cases.

Cassie – despite being an industry agnostic solution – has the flexibility and feature set to accommodate for a variety of healthcare specific use cases such as delegated consent.

Delegating consent is often required when a patient is incapable of offering consent on account of factors such as disability, being classed as a minor or short-term incapacitation.

As this formerly paper-based process is modernised, healthcare providers need to ensure that delegated consent can be captured compliantly, whilst producing a fully auditable record of the transaction for all parties involved: provider, patient and carer.

Cassie can compliantly handle delegated consent in a healthcare setting, maintaining the integrity of the delegation process and facilitating a smooth transition to fully digitised patient data and consent records.

HIPAA Compliance benefits.

Healthcare Cassie personal information & consent management


The healthcare sector often finds personal information management a challenge; with an abundance of siloed systems combined with patient/service user data points in across numerous locations. This makes it difficult to be able to track, trace and update patients consent and chosen preferences.
Cassie will allow you to centralise patient consent and preference data and consolidate their records into one version of the truth. Coordinate disparate systems and connect your departments to monitor and update changes in near real-time.

Healthcare Cassie personal information & consent management


Cassie manages millions of preferences each day, it is vital that healthcare organisations are aware of any changes and keeps in-line with privacy laws. With Privacy-by-Design at its core, Cassie is built to allow healthcare providers to securely collect and maintain granular level consents and preferences. Dependent on your healthcare organisation – Cassie can provide authority levels to ensure only essential data is shared between departments and organisations. Cassie is adaptable and flexible; and most importantly our software is always in line with the latest regulations and healthcare industry standards.

Healthcare Cassie personal information & consent management


Cassie gathers all data transactionally, thus ensuring that in the event of an audit or data breach, a full history of every data subject’s consents and preferences can be made accessible. Cassie ensures that data integrity is upheld, irrespective of how many other systems sit within a healthcare provider’s digital estate.

Every change that is made to a data subject’s record will be captured in Cassie, along with all relevant metadata – from the precise source of the data, right through to the exact privacy policy in effect at the time of the transaction.

Healthcare Cassie personal information & consent management


Whilst many vendors will offer a fully templated solution to ensure compliance with HIPAA, here at Syrenis we recognise that this approach is short sighted and likely to result in significant issues for providers.

HIPAA requires all policies and procedures to be specific and relevant to each organization, and Cassie is flexible enough to allow clients to self-determine how the platform is configured, to cover the specific ways that their organization creates, receives, uses, stores, and transmits protected health information.

How Cassie Helps

How Cassie can transform your organisation.

One Version of the truth

Cassie provides a compliant, auditable single source of truth for every individual Data Subject your organisation encounters and drives marketing and compliance requirements through granular level consent.


Data Subjects self-manage their own consent and preferences with ease. That means one less preference management worry for you and a more dynamic and personalised user experience for them.


Data accuracy taken care of. Best in class service achieved. Customer experience transformed. More reactive, more responsive, and more productive. Just more. That’s the power of Cassie.


That means that your entire organisation can efficiently and effectively manage and process SARs with ease. GDPR and CCPA compliance is all taken care of. No request missed. Ever.


Cassie’s Cookie Management solution does the work. Always adapting, always up-to-date and always empowering you to respond effectively to any changes in regulation. It does that.


The information you hold becomes cohesive. It is secure and accessible and delivers new-found possibilities. Galvanised, co-ordinated and providing a single view, so restrictions can be left behind. That’s both reassuring and powerful.


The Cassie Identity Service targets both the marketing and compliance challenge created by browser technologies. Cassie does the work; data regulations met, user experience enhanced, brand trust amplified. All sorted.

Data Processing Audit

Cassie not only allows for the definition of PII data and processes, it ties those processes to the data. Cassie manages data. Every collection point and every output is linked to a RoPA process so clients can track their data.

Auditable Impact Assessment

Cassie provides template driven DPIA workflow processes to allow you to define, track and manage the process of impact assessments. Completed assessments can be attached to specific processes and tracked against data flow. Simple, effective, auditable.

“We found Syrenis very easy to work with; expert and responsive. Their approach to agile working, coupled with their ability to fully understand our requirements helped to ensure that the system was right first time and delivered on time.”

Daisy Houghton, Head of Secretariat and Corporate Services, Fundraising Regulator

“The Cassie Team have been extremely professional and supportive throughout the project. The migration was part of a much wider programme of work which made it a complicated delivery. Despite these added complexities the Cassie migration was flawlessly managed. The teams support, responsiveness, expertise and helpful attitude meant that I had utter confidence in this part of the programme and the management of the delivery confirmed that I was right to have such confidence.”

Jon Underwood UK Data Programme Manager, LexisNexis

“The speed of change and the flexibility of the Cassie API’s is impressive. What often takes days or weeks to make happen, is achieved in hours.”

Lead Developer – Integration Platform, Enterprise Client

“After using the Cassie Cookie Module for over a year now, we are really pleased with the product and delighted with the level of customer support we have had from Syrenis.”

Kevin Drysdale – Web Team Manager, Durham County Council

“From our contact, Syrenis have taken a cooperative and thoroughly professional approach to working with us. We have been particularly impressed by the depth of their knowledge, the quality of their advice and clear desire to help us realise the full benefit of the software.”

Katheryn Davies – Customer Communications Manager, Mitsubishi

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