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Accountability obligations taken care of.

Why are Data Processing Impact Assessments (DPIAs) so important?

DPIAs (also referred as Privacy Impact Assessments, PIA) are an essential part of your accountability obligations when on the path to compliance. Conducting a DPIA is a legal requirement for any type of data processing in conjunction with regulatory requirements such as the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018.

A failure to carry out a DPIA (when required) can increase your risk of enforcement action being taken from independent regulatory authorities, such as the UKs ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), which could be a fine of up to €10 million, or 2% global annual turnover if higher.

Maintaining your DPIAs will also ensure your organisation is continually compliant to GDPR’s accountability principle. Cassie can help you ensure compliance and reduce the risk that is posed by DPIAs.

Privacy by design and DPIAs.

DPIAs are most effective and compliance focused when completed as soon as a project has begun. This approach will allow you to mitigate any challenges that may arise and you can easily implement any improvements as the project develops.

By tackling a privacy by design led approach will allow you to easily navigate through any potential issues in a cost effective (and methodical) manner. You will significantly reduce the likelihood of any breaches in accordance to your relevant privacy legislation and reduce the potential negative impact on individuals any breaches could cause.

A significant benefit conducting DPIA’s for your organisation is the increased knowledge that will be generated for the best data protection practices throughout a multitude of departments.

Full audit trails with Cassie.

Introduce a centralised DPIA process and workflow.

Alongside the identification of processing activities, each time data is being processed, a Data Processing Impact Assessment must be undertaken. You will need to take into consideration that globally there are differing requirements for this process depending on the location. Once this workflow process has been undertaken and agreed within your organisation, the DPIA should be associated with the processing activities.

Cassie will allow you to define the Impact Assessment workflow as required, and then attach that agreed process to the data processing activities throughout the solution, providing you with a full audit trail.

DPIAs and Cassie.

We make Data Processing Impact Assessments simple and provide the best support to ensure you are compliant:

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Pre-screening capability

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Automated Workflow management

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Audit and logging of data processing aligned to DPIA

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Template driven Full DPIA process

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Integrated to Cassie RoPA process

Impact Assessment Cassie personal information & consent management

Configurable to your processes

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