API’s & Data Export

Privacy by design.

Cassie supports Privacy by Design at its core. One key element is to ensure that data is not provided to other systems or partners unnecessarily. To facilitate this, Cassie supports Data Rights Management via our APIs and the creation of bulk data exports via our Data Export Module.


Cassie has an API first design. With over 350 API endpoints that are readily available, secure and scalable. Everything you need to access to at your fingertips. Whether you want to access a single record as part of your integration or stream real-time bulk extracts, Cassie has been designed to help. If you demand flexibility, then Cassie has no equal.

Empowerment through integration.

Consent and preference management should be at the centre of your data architecture design. However, systems, regulation and technology are constantly evolving often at a different pace and many have been in place before data privacy regulations were formed. By adopting an API centric approach, your implementation of a consent and preference solution will make your compliance journey simpler and more straight forward. Cassie is delivered with a feature rich SDK to support this journey.

Accessing Data.

Cassie collects and stores all your consent, preference and (if required) PII data. It’s valuable information. It empowers your entire business. Some applications make accessing this data more difficult than it should be. Cassie is different, it frees our clients. You will be put in direct control of your data and can determine how you decide to use it. 

By using the Cassie Export Module, clients can choose precisely which data is exported, in what format and when and where that data is stored. 

Remember, it is your data. You decide how to access it. You control how to use it. 

Define Data Sets.

All data that is stored in Cassie can be distributed any time you want to. Cassie provides an overhead view of all database tables, allowing you to rapidly define the precise data set that you wish to export:

• Rename them to your naming convention
• Embed your own filters on the selection using standard SQL Syntax
• Define the location where you want the export to appear
• Define full or incremental exports
• Define which data fields you require.

Want to stay in control and share only the specific data that is required? It’s done.

Trust in your data.

Data travels whether this is internally across databases or externally when data is provided to support a business process, such as a marketing campaign. Often this data movement is without the proper or granular level of control. Cassie sorts this. Whether via the Export Module or by the Cassie API’s, the movements of data at an individual level can be fully audited. This provides a near real-time full audit trail, ensuring you know exactly what data has been accessed, with whom and when.

Compatible with your existing systems.

Our flexible APIs mean that Cassie is compatible with your existing business, sales and marketing systems and platforms including:

“The speed of change and the flexibility of the Cassie API’s is impressive. What often takes days or weeks to make happen, is achieved in hours.”

Lead Developer – Integration Platform, Enterprise Client

Trusted by.

Cassie software is trusted by and powers many leading enterprises and governments across the globe including: