Cookie Compliance Management

Enterprise Cookie Management Solution.

The Cassie Cookie Compliance Management module provides all the facilities required to deliver a compliant and engaging user experience for your visitors. Cassie identifies and classifies your cookies and other tracking technologies ready for use on your cookie banner. Everything is configurable to your requirements. Whether you are a single site or an enterprise with hundreds of domains spanning various jurisdictions and languages, Cassie can deliver an on-brand solution.

Cassie builds the consent banner, can prevent the prior loading of cookies, creates a dynamic policy table and stores an audit of every interaction. Cassie manages consent across devices and can even ensure your analytics data is more accurate. Cassie is unique. Other solutions may look the same, but none come close.

True cookie compliance.

Cassie is the most flexible Cookie Management solution available. Whether your cookies are server or client side, these can be controlled within Cassie or via a Tag Manager. If you couple Cookie Management with our unique Identity Service module, Cassie will ensure that any consented actions are maintained, even if your browser intervenes. Cassie even allows your offline Customer Service team to manage the consent of cookies on behalf of your Data Subjects. Truly compliant, truly innovative, truly different.

Centrally manage preferences.

Cassie is so much more than cookies. It enables the user’s cookie consent preferences to be matched back to a Data Subject, giving you a holistic and auditable view of your consent relationship.

Cassie not only records cookie permissions locally on a Data Subjects’ device, but also centrally for analytical use, giving you the competitive edge. Cassie allows you to manage cookies via our configurable banner, via a JSON payload or via API. Whichever way you want to interact with your data, Cassie is there to help. The most flexible solution available.

Regain complete control.

Enable Cassie to manage cookie permissions in the traditional way, by setting the values in session variables or cookies, or reduce risk of certain activities by storing cookie scripts from third parties centrally within Cassie for deployment only after user consent. As Cassie only deploys these scripts after user agreement, page speeds increase, enhancing your users online experience.

Cassie also enhances your security by regularly inspecting any hosted cookie scripts to warn of payload increases, along with activities that could indicate a security breach.

Customisable with pre-made templates

Keep brand consistency with fully customisable cookie consent banners. Choose the wording, style and animation of your cookie consent banners to give your users an experience which seamlessly integrates with your existing brand. To help you get up and running quickly, we provide customisable templates with pre-built CSS classes.

Multilingual and multi-brand capability

Cassie cookie consent banners are dynamic, presenting the cookie definitions in the language of choice or dependent on the jurisdiction from which the end-user is accessing a domain. Organisations with multiple brands can define and style those banners according to the brand. Everything is managed centrally with user access control allowable per brand.

Cookie compliance.

Our easy explainer video can be forwarded to your team to showcase why cookie compliance management should be a core business strategy of your organisation’s infrastructure.

Cookie consent identified; visitor experience enhanced.

Cookie compliance, whilst crucial, is only the beginning where cookies are concerned. With the Cassie Cookie Compliance Management Module implemented, you can further enhance your users experience on your site using our Cassie Identity Service. The Identity Service works in unison with the Cookie Module to overcome the challenges presented by the introduction of browser tracking technologies such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) within Safari and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) within Firefox. We have developed an innovative ITP Calculator that will help you identify the impact that browser technology will have on your organisation – to view our calculator simply click here.

The default privacy features of prevalent technologies such as ‘Tracking Protection’ are largely unselective. That means that while they provide web users with a new level of protection and control, they will negatively impact on the way that many businesses utilise analytics data to improve a users experience, even when that user has expressly consented to cookies previously. Cassie’s Identity Service solves that problem. Easy.

“After using the Cassie Cookie Module for over a year now, we are really pleased with the product and delighted with the level of customer support we have had from Syrenis.”

Kevin Drysdale – Web Team Manager, Durham County Council

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