The Woodland Trust, Cassie Consent Case Study

The Woodland Trust, Cassie Consent Case Study Cassie personal information & consent management

See how Cassie helped The Woodland Trust improve communications with their supporters – through consent and preferences inline with GPPR regulations. The Woodland Trust are the UK’s Largest Woodland Conservation Charity. Their mission is to create, protect and restore the native woodland heritage of the UK.

The Woodland Trust, Cassie Consent Case Study Cassie personal information & consent management

Joseph Irvine: The woodland Trust has been around for 47 years. Our vision is a UK rich in native woodland and trees. And our main focus is restoration, planting and creation of woodland. Like a lot of organisations out there, GDPR started to creep up on us and we had to think about how do we approach this. We spoke to a number of different people out there, number of organisations and one of them was Syrenis. And Syrenis really was an organisation that came up with a more creative approach to managing GDPR for us.

Rickey Jay Elmer: Historically, we wasn’t actually able to tailor our kind of communications at all. It was you either received an email or you didn’t. However, with CASSIE we were actually able to go down a level and have more kind of granular consent.

Callum Sumner: This gives us a single source of truth where we can amend their contact details, their supporter interests, they can log on online to update their preferences which is useful for GDPR giving our supporters the control of the preferences and communications they receive from us.

Rickey Jay Elmer: We weren’t able to store consent at all, nor compliantly. We didn’t know where the consent came from or how they gave it. Fast-forward to today, we know exactly where it came from, we know what we sent to them, how we captured it and actually we can co-relate that back to our systems so we can be compliant moving forward.

Joseph Irvine: They gave us everything we required in order for us to be ready for GDPR. But also, in a way that actually helped our supporters and the people who engage with us as an organization.