Techsmart 2018 - Compliance, connectivity and customisation Cassie personal information & consent management

Techsmart 2018 – Compliance, connectivity and customisation

Founder, Nicky Watson, discusses compliance, connectivity and customisation with Allen Reid, Director of Client Projects at Hart Square.


Allen: How would you encapsulate what you do for the non-profit space in a couple of minutes?

Nicky: We normally say it’s the four c’s. So, it’s compliance, connectivity, customization and confidence.

The connectivity is because we integrate with everything with a lot of time with the new regulations that have come through though they’ve got several systems that you have to somewhere get a point of truth we can make existing systems compliant so you don’t have to change everything.

Technology is moving so quickly, the days of it just being about, first it was about mail, then it was about email, now we are looking at direct device and push notifications and different ways of talking to your supporters.

I think there’s a couple of things when you are embarking on a big project first is to always remember keep focused about what it is that what you’re trying to solve because it’s very easy for teams to get sidetracked with if we do this we can have this added benefit if we do that we can do, but actually staying focused about what it is you’re trying to do and the problems you’re trying to solve and then probably the second thing is to invest in people one of the biggest things that I find is continuity within a project if you don’t have the same people there for it.

So invest in the people and make them realize how valued they are and how much you value them doing this project and listen to them. Were launching our transactional forms platform and we’re going to highlight how easy it is to plug it into your existing website to be able to collect transactional data, take payments, set up Dds and have it come in with all the right ticks not in boxes through to the system and through to you and your existing systems so we are actually going to show the full life-cycle and it’s going to be really interesting.