Cassie Overview

Cassie Overview Cassie personal information & consent management

Cassie enables you to centralise your customer contact, consent and preference data, whilst providing your customers with more control and choice.

Cassie Overview Cassie personal information & consent management

As our private and professional lives become more integrated with technology, more of our personal information is being captured than ever before.

Organisations now need to identify how to effectively use and store this diverse data. With changes in the global regulatory landscape, organisations are faced with the challenge of how to synchronise any of their separately stored data from various siloed databases and systems; and consolidate them into one true compliant source.

Creating a unified, granular view on an individual’s consent and preference history can prove expensive and complicated, especially as many organisations are now operating in multiple regions with different legislations to comply with. Not only this, customers are wanting more control, choice and transparency over their personal information and how the organisation can use it.

Cassie is a central platform that provides a holistic view of an individual’s consent and preference history and is fully customisable for enterprises who operate globally with multi-brand and multi-lingual capabilities.

Our solution allows your customers to easily submit, change or update their preferences into one secure and reliable cloud-based system, whilst remaining fully compliant for your organisation.

Cassie’s advanced integrations and connections are compatible with your business’ existing tools and services such as Saleforce, Adobe, SAP and Siebel, and many more.. and will manage the mapping of your data.

Create a single trackable version of the truth and turn the challenge of data management into data intelligence with CASSIE, the sophisticated personal information management solution.