Effective cookie compliance – Get cookie compliant now

Effective cookie compliance - Get cookie compliant now Cassie personal information & consent management

Our global cookie compliance solution targets both the compliance and marketing challenge to become truly cookie compliant, whilst enhancing your users digital experience with your brand.

Effective cookie compliance - Get cookie compliant now Cassie personal information & consent management

The introduction of new regulations has changed the way that users interact with your website – specifically with cookies.

When users consent to cookie scripts, such as ad tracking, site owners often overlook that they are solely responsible for the data security and data collection of visitors.

Our cookie consent solution allows you to regain control of the cookies on your site, letting you centrally manage and publish only cookies that you approve as well as automating privacy notices to recapture consent as required.

All scripts are placed into your cookie policy ensuring no cookies, unless strictly necessary, are pre-loaded, protecting you against cookie stuffing with regular scanning to ensure your site is secure.

Our cookie solution also regularly inspects any hosted Cookie scripts to warn of payload increases, along with activities that could indicate a security breach.

All connections are secured via SSL, all information stored in databases are encrypted at rest and all servers are protected by a monitored firewall.

Our cookie solution interacts with your organisation’s existing various applications and devices such as websites, mobile applications and telematics and will create a singular auditable consent record per user.

Providing a secure and transparent cookies solution that allows your users to control their consent preferences, will build trust with your organisation.

Be prepared for any requirement changes with a customisable and auditable solution that can be deployed across multiple websites in multiple languages, ensuring 100% true cookie compliance.

Simplify your cookie management – speak to our team today.