POPI Compliance

POPI Compliance, Cassie.

Become compliant under the Protection of Personal Information Act (commonly known as POPI) through our Personal Information Platform, Cassie.

Cassie provides one central, secure compliance platform to manage personal data, legal basis, consent and marketing preferences.

Our POPI consent and preference management solution allows you to meet regulation requirements wherever your customers are globally.

Cassie can synchronise your separately stored data from various siloed databases and systems; and consolidate them into one true compliant source.

What is POPI Compliance?

The purpose of the POPI Act is to make organisations accountable for the protection of their Data Subjects (personal information) that is collected, processed, stored and/or shared) from any potential compromises in security breaches, data theft and discrimination.

Our POPI Act Guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the regulation in South Africa, and explains the full requirements. It is critical that organisations are aware of these minimum threshold requirements as non-compliance carries a very heavy penalty.

The Requirements of POPI:

POPI has 8 minimum requirements for organisations to comply with. It is essential that organisations comply with these requirements whenever personal information relating to employees and customers is processed.

  • Accountability
  • Processing Limitation
  • Purpose Specification
  • Further Processing Limitation
  • Information Quality
  • Openness
  • Security Safeguards
  • Data Subject Participation

Key information of POPI:

The POPI Act does not stop you from processing personal data. There are 8 requirements and three extra conditions to comply with.

The POPI Act protects Data Subjects from harm, like theft and discrimination.

The biggest impact is on organisations that process a lot of personal information, in particular, special category – children’s information and account numbers.

Regulated by a new information regulator and your information officer is the key person who must ensure compliance.

Meet Cassie.

Cassie is a single platform that allows you to collect and consolidate customer contact, consent and preference data so your organisation can be compliant and transparent, under regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform currently manages over 1.6 billion preferences, for over 100 million contacts globally.

POPI Compliance Cassie personal information & consent management

Latest Regulatory News.

Read the latest regulatory news by visiting our articles, if you’d like any specific information regarding your region please feel free to get in touch with us.

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