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Cookies, marketing insights and tracking prevention.

Our Cookie Management Solution combined with the Cassie Identity Service targets both the compliance and marketing challenge to ensure you become truly cookie compliant, whilst enhancing your Data Subjects digital experience with your brand.

The introduction of new privacy regulations, such as The GDPR, and advancements in browser technologies have created many challenges for businesses that are dependent on cookies to improve their site’s performance.

Soon, 4 out of 5 global web users will be affected by stringent browser privacy. Browsers including Safari, Chrome and Firefox are releasing new and enhanced privacy features (ITP 2.2 and ETP), which will have a direct impact on your organization. If you want to understand the impact of browser technologies, download our Cookies ITP infographic.

Why is my analytical data reporting a surge in new visitors?

Marketing departments are being challenged like never before. Regulation around cookies can result in a reduction in valid and accurate data used for determining advertising strategies, as site users express their consent options.

At the same time, improved privacy protection facilities automatically applied by the most popular browsers such as Safari, are adding to this challenge as third-party cookies are now blocked and first-party cookies expire and are removed after 7 days (Intelligent Tracking Protection – ITP).

This automatic removal of cookies wreaks havoc with the data used for analysis and advertising activities such as re-marketing. Visitors are being attributed as new, when in fact they are returning after 24 hours.

Reliable analytical data is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Its use drives every marketing decision that is made online, from modelling and training AI solutions, to triggering behaviour-based actions.

There will also be an added challenge around the user experience that your site will be providing. It is highly likely that you will be asking the same questions to your Data Subjects time and time again as you don’t know who they are, as well as having no ability to personalise content based on their previous expressed interest.

Overcoming the Tracking Prevention challenge.

We understand that marketeers see the issue of introducing a cookie management tool as an inhibitor to their roles. However, as all of the main browsers are now adopting more stringent browser controls over cookies (both first and third-party), this is an issue that cannot be overlooked. You have to consider:

How can I compliantly gain consent to load cookies?
How can I make sure my analytics data is accurate?
How can I ensure my ad-spend is allocated correctly and not wasted?
How can I make sure the user experience of returning visitors is optimised?

Unless you have the right solution in place, your analytical data will be invalid, your user experience will be reduced, and your advertising capabilities will begin to diminish.

We have developed an innovative ITP Calculator that will help you identify the impact that browser technology will have on your organisation – to view our calculator simply click below.

The Cassie Identity Service keeps you ahead.

There are two sides to this solution. Firstly, you must address the challenge of compliantly gaining consent to load cookies. We have addressed this in our cookie solution for compliance.

Secondly, you need a solution to allow you to identify returning users and ensure your analytical data is valid and accurate for marketing and advertising purposes.

The Cassie Identity Service works in unison with the Cookie Module to overcome the challenges presented by the introduction of browser tracking technologies such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) within Safari and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) within Firefox.

The Cassie Identity Service not only resolves these challenges, but also allows you to continue to use your existing analytics solutions, including Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, without having to implement expensive or extensive infrastructure changes or new server software.

If you’re looking to mitigate the risks associated with the new tracking prevention protocols, contact one of our privacy specialists to discuss your requirements and request a demonstration of our leading solution.

Cassie Identity Service features.

How exactly does the Cassie Identity Service benefit your organisation?

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Integrated seamlessly with Cassie Cookie Module

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Improve client UX

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Improve your analytics around ITP

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Easy deployment

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Use your existing tech stack

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Resolve ITP and become compliant to GDPR/PECR

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Stop visitors from opting out due to frustration

Analytics and ITP Cassie personal information & consent management

Scalable, fast and measurable

“Cassie enabled us to compliantly and proactively manage supporter consent for the first time. This supports our aims of being a supporter centric organisation, delivering trust and confidence with our supporters.”

Rickey-Jay Elmer, Business Analyst, The Woodland Trust

“From our contact, Syrenis have taken a cooperative and thoroughly professional approach to working with us. We have been particularly impressed by the depth of their knowledge, the quality of their advice and clear desire to help us realise the full benefit of the software.”

Katheryn Davies – Customer Communications Manager, Mitsubishi

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